Goodbye beautiful tiny sort of an island

Goodbye old porch. I will miss putting my feet up on your balusters. I will miss your beautiful ocean breezes. I will miss your spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

Goodbye dog beach…walks in the moonlight, walks in the gloaming, walks in the foggy other world.

Goodbye short beach…goodbye old coast guard station. I will miss the view of you from my windows. I will miss walking you at sunrise and sunset. I will miss hearing the waves of the Atlantic lap your rocky shore. I will miss watching the storm waves crashing against the cliffs of little Nahant. I will miss hearing the families walking home over the park after a day on your sandy beach.

Goodbye beautiful kitchen where we watched the softball games in the park across the way while we ate our dinner- where we worked to strip decades of old flooring to create a beautiful wooden floor from what was underneath- where we blew out birthday candles and welcomed new grandchildren, and congratulated new master’s degree holders, and said farewell to friends and family that passed away while we lived here.

Goodbye so many happy Christmas memories with family and friends. Goodbye Christmas tree lot in the parking lot and watching the island families coming to pick up their trees.

Friday fave fives


The bean sprout

So we planted some bean seeds in my toddler classroom. Nine two year olds, 15 cardboard planter cups, some plastic spoons…and a really lot of dirt!

They had a blast!

We also put some of the seeds into a clear container with paper towels and watched those little sprouts split open, send down roots, and send up shoots.

They’ve gotten pretty big at this point and we even have a couple beans!

Little Things Thursday


We are to move on Friday and Saturday. I’ve spent the past 8 weeks getting everything we own into boxes or bags. I’ve taken countless trips to the donation bins. I think we are ready…

The new property manager texted on Tuesday morn to let me know that the carpet layers were behind schedule and would be there on Friday morning instead of Wednesday morning!

I had planned to begin morning at daybreak on Friday but now we won’t be able to start until sometime Friday afternoon.

I can feel myself in overdrive. I am ready for this all to be over with and to be setting up house in our new place.

And, even though everything has been smooth sailing so far (except for the carpet layers) I’m worried that something will go wrong.


Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7




The old desk in the corner

When we moved into this place 7 years ago our landlord was a crotchety, eccentric, very sickly old man. The woman on the first floor was his health proxy and when he passed away 3 years after we moved in she and her husband inherited the house. She asked me if I wanted this beautiful old table and I said yes. I used it as a desk and I fell in love with it. When we told her we were moving she said that she had only loaned me the desk and that I would have to leave it here when we left. It really wasn’t well done of her but I will leave it here when we move on Friday.

I have a different table in mind for a desk. It’s nowhere near as beautiful or elaborate but it is still quite nice. I am sitting at it now. It will take some getting used to. I have to find a comfortable chair. And, once we move I will have to personalize the area around it.

Nothing will quite compare with the beautiful old hand carved desk and the panoramic view of my old desk. However, given time, I’m sure I can make the new place feel like home.




I should be packing but find myself enjoying a final lazy Sunday in this town old beach house on our rather tiny sort-of an island.

Next week we shall be knees deep in boxes that will need unpacking, a kitchen that needs sorting out and beds that will need making.

Our new home is a tiny flat in old town, just off the harbour. From our living room window we will see the boats coming and going at the town landing. The lullaby of the sailboats masts will send us to sleep and the smell of the wharf and harbor will greet us as we come home for the evening.

Joe and I both grew up on those narrow streets of this little seaside town. Marblehead will welcome us home and we shall be unpacked and settled in good time.

I am looking forward to sitting in the back garden with a slight summer breeze and the company of old friends and family.

My mum will be just beneath us in the first floor apartment which is a comfort for both of us. She is fiercely independent and has a social life much more active than my own. Still, it will be happy feeling to be close to one another in case she finds herself I need of anything.

Everything is within walking distance and we shall be just a 5 minute walk from the bus route so we won’t have to drive traffic to the T every morning. It will so pleasant to be able to sit back and click away on my phone while some one else does the driving.

We have lost many dear to us in our time here. Good friends, old friends, aunts, grandmothers and my step-daughter, Ashley. I have gained two beautiful grandchildren, watched my oldest daughter get her Bachelors degree and then her Masters. I’ve seen my mum aging and the return of my sister’s cancer. My brother has gotten engaged and will be married in September. I met Joe’s oldest son while we lived here and watched his two younger sons grow from young boys who bathed together in the tub after an afternoon at the beach into teenagers who are beginning to explore the world on their own.

We’ve certainly had our good, random and fun here.

Next week there will be pictures of the Harbourside but for now we bid Adieu to our island home.



Family Friday

My sweet granddaughter, Abigail, had an 8 hour surgery to repair her cleft lip on Tuesday. It was a long day! I spent Wednesday at Boston Children’s hospital with her and my daughter.


The junk guys came on Thursday afternoon to take an old couch, an old armoire, and two old bed frames to the dump. They threw everything over the top of the second floor porch railing right into their truck! I went between wanting to film it and not being able to watch!


The move…..it just keeps going on and on and on! It’s only one more week till we are in the old town flat. I am so ready for it all to be over. I don’t care how long it takes to unpack I just want to be done packing!


Tucker has been able to walk through an open window onto the porch now that the warmer weather is here but once we move we won’t have a porch so he will have to go back to being an all the way indoor cat. He will be disappointed.


We had an old giant pickle jar that we used for spare change. It was about half way full and I brought it to the bank’s change counting machine. I figured it would be about 25 dollars but it turned out to be 120 dollars! I gave half to my daughter and kept half for myself. I’ll use it to buy something for the new flat.



The big move

The good

At the end of June we will be leaving this rather tiny island and moving back to our hometown a few miles away. We are very excited to be starting this new adventure in our lives. My mum will be living in the apartment on the first floor and we will be just above her on the second floor.

The fun

Tucker Huckleberry Finn has been helping with all of the packing. He is such a very big help and takes his job very seriously.

The random

Oh my goodness! I will be so happy when it’s done!

Oh…our new flat is about half the size of where we live now. I’ve bought myself a new iPad with a keyboard to replace my old giant laptop. It will fit better on my smaller desk. It is so much easier to blog with wordpress on the iPad so that is what I’ll be doing. I’m not really quite sure how to connect a link for a Linky party. I am hoping this works.

Good random fun