16 September

Joe and I met in the Peace Garden on Thursday evening. It is a garden dedicated to the memory of individuals who have dies as a result of violence. We had a half hour tobsoend together. I had to go to a late meeting and he had to go to an early meeting. We realized when we got there that they were holding an anual memorial to the 904 souls the garden is dedicated to. So, we watched the band set up and the coordinators hand out candles while we exchanges the pleasantries of each others days. Then we went our separate ways. 

Apples heaped in market barrows

Juicy plums and stripey marrows.

Sunday was my daughter’s baby shower. She looked so darn cute I could hardly stand it. She received so many beautiful gifts!


Beacon Hill in Boston is one of my very favorite places in all the world. I could wander around those tiny streets of an afternoon forever.Autumn is beginning to make it’s appearance in all kinds of places….here it peeks out of a street side shoppe on Charles street.

The moon is full as I type this evening. It is shining down upon me through the seaside mobile at my desk in the dining room.
Friday fave fives
Floral Friday fotos
Friday my town shoot out
soulfood friday

Willy-nilly Friday

Five on friday



8 thoughts on “16 September

  1. I was driving home from central NY in that moonlight..it was truly heavenly. Yay for Beacon Hill!! Did I tell you we love that street too and that our youngest is applying to BC, Brandeis U and BU???? of course she is hoping and praying she gets into BC her first choice. A simply beautiful area.

    LOVE autumn things appearing and congrats!! You are about to become a gramma!!!

  2. The Peace Garden sounds like a wonderful idea . Apples remind me that I need to start baking. How fun for your daughter & you for a new baby to be on the way. Loving those pumpkins in the window.

  3. Your daughter is lovely. And the description of the moon shining down on you through your mobile makes me wish I was there to have that experience too.

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