16 September

Joe and I met in the Peace Garden on Thursday evening. It is a garden dedicated to the memory of individuals who have dies as a result of violence. We had a half hour tobsoend together. I had to go to a late meeting and he had to go to an early meeting. We realized when we got there that they were holding an anual memorial to the 904 souls the garden is dedicated to. So, we watched the band set up and the coordinators hand out candles while we exchanges the pleasantries of each others days. Then we went our separate ways. 

Apples heaped in market barrows

Juicy plums and stripey marrows.

Sunday was my daughter’s baby shower. She looked so darn cute I could hardly stand it. She received so many beautiful gifts!


Beacon Hill in Boston is one of my very favorite places in all the world. I could wander around those tiny streets of an afternoon forever.Autumn is beginning to make it’s appearance in all kinds of places….here it peeks out of a street side shoppe on Charles street.

The moon is full as I type this evening. It is shining down upon me through the seaside mobile at my desk in the dining room.
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Just for a few minutes



My husband works nights

and I work days.

We both take public transportation into the city which is fairly easy, affordable and mostly dependable.


but it leaves very little time for us to be together.

So…Joe has taken to meeting me in the little park just outside my building. When I get out of work I cross the street and there he is, sitting on a park bench with his ear buds in,  listening to music while he waits for me.

We sit together for a few minutes exchanging the nuances of our days

and then we jump on the blue line -he gets off at State Street to catch the orange line that takes him to work and I continue on to Wonderland where I catch a bus that brings me home.

It’s only about 15 or 20 minutes together….but it’s my favorite quarter hour of the day.

Little Things Thursday



12 September 

The good

We heart Verne

My daughter’s baby shower was on Sunday. Verne will be making his appearance in the next few weeks. His two grandmother’s are very excited to meet him. I’m in the brown sweater.

The fun

I happened to glance across the room at the shower and noticed most of my friends and family all lined up. So, I jumped in and had someone take a photo!

The random

While walking through Government Center with some co-workers a woman told us her name was Precious Joy and that  she was a celebrity who was having a love child with Drake,  we met a small boy dancing like Micheal Jackson on the sidewalk, and Gandalf -or an Ian McKellen look alike who very graciously posed for a photograph before dashing get off to his next adventure.
The good, the fun, the random