25 march


It’s been so cloudy and grey lately.

Yesterday was very cold and windy and today it’s rainy and windy -but at least warmer.

I’ve been standing at the bus stop happy for my new job though.


My daughter is expecting a son in October.

She had a miscarriage just before Christmas which broke her sweet heart.

She is past the “danger zone” now and we are all so very excited.

The first grandchild on both sides.


I love my new job!

The logistics are taking some getting used to since it’s just my first week.

But, I love working with the children.


I’ve still been breaking down with sadness over the death of my step-daughter.

I think I may be turning a corner….I hope.

It’s so sad to know she won’t be here to celebrate the wonders of life with us.

I am beginning to know that she is in a better place now

and that is giving me a bit of comfort.

4 thoughts on “25 march

  1. I’m so happy to hear that your daughter is expecting! And, that you are enjoying your new job. I’ve been thinking of you and all that you and your family have been through in the last year. I pray for brighter days ahead.♥

    I must say that this gray, damp weather is getting to me (I live in Woburn). I am, unfortunately, a too sensitive soul. I wish I was made of stronger stuff.

    Wishing you a happy Easter!

  2. Your daughter’s news is so life-affirming and positive. I am sorry for the sadness mixed into your life at this precious time. May you find a place of peace in which to hold and cherish your memories as you embrace what each new day brings.

  3. Spring holds so much promise and hope. I hope it eases your pain.

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