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from the other side


I have been doing my first week of training in Watertown.

It’s only about 20 miles but it takes about an hour to get there in traffic.

I have to either through or around Boston…

The view from the roof of the parking structure is beautiful.

 I park up there even though I am there early enough to park on the ground floor.



Today I am at the center where I will be working!

I am so happy to be able to take the T and not have to drive!


It’s been rainy and grey most of the week but the temps. have been warm.


The daffodils are pushing up near the back steps..

little green shoots of hope


I am loving the time change. It’s so nice to have it still be light in the evenings.

Friday fave fives

skywatch friday


13 thoughts on “from the other side

  1. I love your top photo. I have been known to park in a place that might be a little more inconvenient but offers better views.

  2. we LOVE Boston!!!! yay! our oldest graduated from Gordon College ( Im sure you know it!) last May and our youngest is also looking at several Boston colleges. its our fave city! ( my husband is from the south shore area of MA) we love the T ….soooo muchbetter than the subway in NYC.

    that top pic is stunning!

    have a wonderful weekend.

  3. My hubby has been to Boston, but I have not. I hope to take in a Red Sox game at Fenway someday. I, too, am ready for spring. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I love that first photo! Gorgeous! And what a blessing that you can find a great view even when parking.

  5. I don’t like the day of the time change, but after that I do love having more light in the evenings. Lovely view of Boston! We’re enjoying the daffodils springing up in the neighborhood as well.

  6. What a lovely view from the top of the parkade. That is quite a long amount of time added when traffic is heavy. Yikes. Spring has sprung here too and soon I hope we’ll see the spring flowers pushing through.

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