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childhood and stardom

your story is one of strength

girl who once sat at the hearth of my life

your story was darkness and light

when you were young we played

don’t step on the cracks

and I held your hand

now your steps are amethyst sparks

on the ground

where we once walked

can you still play this game in your oblivion

your  mirthful and defiant spirit

will always be a part of my story


the sunday whirl

8 thoughts on “childhood and stardom

  1. This reminds me of a friend who died at 17. Thank you for bringing her spirit alive this morning. I love that the words brought you to this place.

  2. This is so moving and reading it reminds me of a beautiful spirit who will always be a part of my story, so thank you 🙂

  3. It’s been a while – I usually do my blog surfing on my iPad and for some reason, it won’t let me into your site on Blogger. Today I found you on my computer and then read back through to try to put together the story. My heart aches for you, my friend. Courage.

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