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just before sunset


Remember when you were young

you shone like the sun

shine on you crazy diamond

now there’s a look in your eyes like black holes in the sky

shine on you crazy diamond

You were caught in the crossfire of childhood and stardom

blown on the steel breeze

come on you target for faraway laughter, come on you stranger, you legend, you martyr

and shine

threatened by shadows at night and exposed in the light

come on you raver, you seer of visions

come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner

and shine

Pink Floyd


28 February

late afternoon

my beautiful step-daughter left this earth

while i was folding laundry

or tidying up the kitchen

or something equally unimportant


that’s all there is this week

sudden immeasurable loss

soulfood friday

friday fave fives

8 thoughts on “just before sunset

  1. I can only imagine your grief at such a loss. We’re not supposed to outlive our children. Wishing you the strength to get through this terrible time.

  2. I am so, so sorry. Losing a child is one of the hardest griefs, maybe the hardest. I saw in your post below that she had been struggling with drug addiction. We’ve had siblings and nieces and nephews fighting that same struggle. I just hate those kinds of drugs and the stronghold they have on people and how hard it is to get free of them. Praying for God’s grace and comfort for you and your family.

  3. Oh, how can any words help at this sad, sad time. I am so sorry.
    Sending warm thoughts…

  4. I am so sorry. I just don’t know what to say. I can’t imagine your pain and grief at this time but offer my sincerest thoughts and prayers. Gentle hugs. xx

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