28 march

the good

My daughter, Bonnie, is expecting her first child in October! They already know that they are expecting a boy! I can’t wait to meet him.


the fun

Again, my new job. I love getting to be with those kiddos all day.

the random

The landlord is doing some work on the third floor apartment right above us…a lot of work. A lot of very loud work. We will be happy when he finishes up.

The good, the random, the fun
sharing his beauty
Monday musings
making your home sing


25 march


It’s been so cloudy and grey lately.

Yesterday was very cold and windy and today it’s rainy and windy -but at least warmer.

I’ve been standing at the bus stop happy for my new job though.


My daughter is expecting a son in October.

She had a miscarriage just before Christmas which broke her sweet heart.

She is past the “danger zone” now and we are all so very excited.

The first grandchild on both sides.


I love my new job!

The logistics are taking some getting used to since it’s just my first week.

But, I love working with the children.


I’ve still been breaking down with sadness over the death of my step-daughter.

I think I may be turning a corner….I hope.

It’s so sad to know she won’t be here to celebrate the wonders of life with us.

I am beginning to know that she is in a better place now

and that is giving me a bit of comfort.


Tuesday afternoon


shamrocks in the sunlight

won’t you come with me and see the beauty of
Tuesday Afternoon
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20 march



how you feel today

I feel much like I have been spinning wheels.

This has been the most difficult month I have ever had to deal with

I hope and pray I never have to face anything like this again

As if often the case, along with immeasurable loss

has come a new beginning for me…

and I am looking forward with much excitement







this is from a few years ago

the boys had static electricity from going down the slide

So Joe was giving them a bit of a shock by touching their noses.

You can really see Jack’s hair sticking up


scavenger hunt sunday